Gathering Graces 6/2/2017

*I spent most of the day at home.  Throughout the school year, typically I have had Friday off, and it is often a day at home.  I have not had a Friday at home for many weeks.  So it was nice to have a slower day today, sorting through items, relaxing, thinking, and enjoying being home.
*As I was on my computer today, I saw a mention of a video of U2 performing on Jimmy Kimmel, so I went and watched it.  U2 were guests on Jimmy Kimmel Live on May 23rd, and sang I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For.  What intrigued me about the link I saw was the title U2 Takes Jimmy Kimmel Audience to Church.  This, of course, peaked my curiosity.  As Jimmy was wrapping up his interview with Bono and his band, they roll the Kimmel set off the stage, roll on the drums and other instruments, and Bono introduces the song he says, “We want to play for you a Gospel song, a Gospel song with a restless spirit”.  Here is the song, as U2 takes the audience to church here.  As I looked at other videos, I also found one when U2 visited a church in Harlem and sang the same song with a church choir .
*This is graduation weekend at Kellogg High School, so yesterday seniors spent the day preparing.  It was fun looking on Facebook throughout the day as photos and videos were posted of the students eating breakfast at KHS, parading down the halls of Pinehurst Elementary in their cap and gowns for all the students to see, and having graduation practice. 
*When Paul returned home from school, we drove out to French Gulch for Gabriell Benefield’s graduation party.  What a lovely evening, a lovely setting, and her family were very gracious and wonderful hosts.  I have grown very fond of Gabby over the years, and will miss her greatly.  But she will be attending the College of Idaho, so I plan to make some visits down to Caldwell to see Zoe Roberts, and throw in a visit with Gabby now and then, too.
*When we returned from the party, Paul and I went to Kindred to visit with Mom.  We got her in her wheelchair, and took her outside to visit and enjoy the lovely weather.  The back courtyard area of Kindred is beautiful as the flowers are blooming, and it was nice to get Mom out of her room.  Christy joined us for a bit at the end of our visit.
*Paul grilled some tuna steaks on the grill, and we enjoyed those with some cheese and bread, and a great conversation about music, as I shared with him the U2 videos, and he also shared some music videos with me, and we had a wonderful conversation about music.

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