Gathering Graces 6/25/2016

*When I woke up this morning, I had the BEST POST greet me on Facebook.  My sister Christy hosted a dinner at her house on Saturday night, and she she shared photos from the evening.  It almost made me cry, and I looked at photos of the beautiful Mediterranean meal, and of my family.  Here are Paul and Zoe toasting me that evening.  I love this photo so much that I made it the background on my computer.
*I stayed at the villa to relax and get lunch ready, as Eric, April and Kellee went to pick up the other retreat participant Sherri Melson from where she was staying in Portovenere.  It was nice getting to know Sherri a little bit over lunch on the portico.
*I made focaccia bread in the afternoon to have with the evening meal.  I also got a nap in.  I think naps are a necessity for me here in Italy. 
*Kellee and I are sharing a room here at Villa Magnolia, and there is no one I would rather have with me on this adventure here in Italy.  We laugh, we sing, we dance, we have such a wonderful time.  April just rolls her eyes, but we know she loves us!!
*I love receiving emails from Paul.  He has such a great way with words, and he makes me smile as I read them.  I miss him more when I read the emails than I did when we talked on the phone.  Isn’t that interesting. 
*I appreciate the updates I receive from Bill and Christy regarding Mom.  It is nice to know on a daily basis how she is doing.  And I appreciate all the kind words people share with me and my brother and sister.  It is so wonderful.

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