Gathering Graces 6/1/2017

*Today was my last day with the Class of 2017.  When I started working with them back in middle school, 2017 seemed so far away.  But here it is.  I am so proud of these students, and excited to see where they go in their lives, and it is satisfying to know had a tiny part in helping them on their way.
*The Government teacher let me “take over” his classes today so I could have one more day with the seniors.  I had them come down to the library and shared some snacks with them, and talked to each of them, making sure they were still on track, especially those students heading off to college.
*As part of my final time with the seniors, I wanted to share a special message with them, so,
with the help of Paul on guitar, and our friend Simon Miller on the Cajon drum, I sang the Rod Stewart song  Forever Young to them.  I loved one student’s reaction to me singing to them.  “I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when you said you were going to sing, but you did a really good job, and it even made me tear up a bit.” 
*The advantage of having the seniors captive in the library was the fact I could give them
each a hug and say a little something to them.  I also got photos with two out of the three classes.  For some reason, I forgot to get one with third period. 
*Later in the day, I went to see Mom at Kindred, and ran into my lifelong friend Eric Benson.  Eric’s mom is also at Kindred, but he and his family have been on a trip to Germany in the past few weeks, so I haven’t run into him, but I did today.  I have enjoyed visiting with his mom Peny over the past few weeks that Mom has been at Kindred.*
*Because of some things that happened today, I was very thankful that my big sister Christy lives in town, and I could call her and talk to her today.  It is nice to have her love and support close by.
*The rain came POURING down this afternoon, causing a large “lake” to form at the end of our street.  Rain, thunder, etc.  But by evening, the storm had moved on, and it was a beautiful evening.

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