Gathering Graces 6/7/2017

*This morning Nikki and I stopped for birthday coffee.  I totally missed it was her birthday the day before, so we made up for it today.  This is our tradition for our summer birthdays.  We buy each other birthday coffee at Jolt n Bolt, which is a coffee stand on our walking route.
*I finally got all the information I needed put together for the invoices I need to submit.  I will be meeting with Terry the business manager of the school district on Thursday to get everything sorted out.  That is a big relief to have it done.
*Mom was in bed when I arrived at Kindred yesterday evening visiting with Christy.  I remembered to bring her clean laundry over, and put it away.  Christy bought Mom some new summer pajamas that were really cute. 
*I got Paul and I checked into our flight to Boise this evening, and got most of my things packed for our trip to attend our niece Taylor’s  wedding, which will be Saturday evening.  It will be a wonderful weekend surrounded by family and friends.

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