Gathering Graces 6/14/2017

*Today my birthday celebration officially began when Nikki and I stopped at Jolt N Bolt for my birthday coffee.  My birthday is 19 days away, but I will be gone during that time, so we celebrated this morning.  We both had the Butter Rum Latte special.  It tasted like a Butterscotch Lifesaver.  Yummy!!
*I got home and prepared for a meeting I had at another coffee shop in town, The Bean.  The P.E.O. group I am a member of provides ways for women to receive financial assistance through grant and loan programs.  I met and interviewed a woman who was looking into applying for our PCE (Program for Continuing Education) grant and our ELF (Education Loan Fund) loan.  It was fun learning her story, and I love that P.E.O. is all about helping women fulfill their dream of a college education.
*There was much frustration added to my day because I lost two very important items.  One was a envelope with some important papers Molly needed signed and notarized that Cosette brought to me last Thursday before our trip to Boise.  I cannot find where I put it that day. 

*Paul, Zoe and I went to Jane’s house to pick up the bathtub and bring it to our house.  Paul and Zoe got it home in the backyard.  Now to decide where to put it.
*Paul, Zoe and I want to see Mom in the early evening.  She was tired, but we had a good visit telling her about our day, and she told us about her day as well.
*I started getting my clothes packed for my trip. 

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