Gathering Graces 6/8/2017

*Even when I haven’t been employed by a school district, my yearly rhythms coincide with the rhythms of the school year.  And today this year’s school year has come to an end.  I got my office all packed up, and things stored away.  I met to do my final invoices.  And the school year 2016-2017  is done.
*Travis drove Cosette to Kellogg from Moscow so she could fly down to Boise with us.  It was nice to see Travis and get a quick hug, and see Cosette as well.  She went with me to Kindred to visit with Mom, and we also moved Sadie over to Christy and Everett’s for the weekend.  I went back and visited with Mom a bit more, then headed back to the high school.
*Paul, Cosette and I were on the road by 4 p.m. to get to the airport for our 6:30 p.m. flight.  We actually got on the plane early, and got into the air early as well.  The flight was a little bumpy though, so no beverages or snacks on the flight.  But soon we were touching down in Boise.  Laurie was there to pick Paul and I up, and Zoe came to pick Cosette up so they could join the other girls for Taylor’s bachelorette party in downtown Boise.
*We had dinner with Laurie at Ling & Louise’s, an Asian Fusion restaurant in Meridian.  It was very delicious.  I had the Evil Jungle Princess with shrimp.  Paul and Laurie both enjoyed some Sushi.
*We are staying at Laurie’s house for the weekend, and it was fun visiting, but soon I started getting sleepy and knew it was time for bed.

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