Gathering Graces 6/13/2017

*I finally finished the information to send to April regarding meal preparations for her upcoming retreat.  Boy did that task feel good to complete.  Now I just need to print off the rest of the pages to add to the notebook, and I should be good to go.
*I had a fun lunch with Brandon Church, a.k.a. Bran Muffin, today at Radio Brewing in uptown Kellogg today.  I had missed his graduation party because I wasn’t feeling well that day, so I wanted to have lunch.  It was fun visiting with him, and catching on up what he has been doing since he graduated a couple of weeks ago.  Thanks for a great lunch Bran Muffin!!
*Today I did some financial things to get ready for my trip.  I deposited some money in the bank, told my bank I would be using my debit card in Germany and Italy so it wouldn’t get declined, and went online to inform my Visa card company I would be using it in those countries as well.  I gave Jane some money for some Euros she had so I will have some when we land in case we want some right away.
*I not only came away from Jane’s with some Euros, but I also came away with a bathtub!!  SCORE!!  If you have ever seen the flower bed in my backyard, you know I have a toilet and a sink that I grow flowers in during the summer.  I have longed for a bathtub to add to the bed.  Jane is remodeling her bathroom and getting rid of her bathtub, so I told her I would love to take it off her hands.  So  Paul and I will go and get it tomorrow, and add it to our backyard flower bed.  I am SO EXCITED to add the bathtub!!!
*Zoe, Sadie and I went over to visit Mom at Kindred, and Christy joined us there as well.  It was fun visiting with Mom, and helping her get ready for bed.  And Tuesday is ice cream night, so we all enjoyed some Caramel Pretzel ice cream as an evening treat.

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