Gathering Graces 4/17/2017

*After a winter of walking in the morning at Kellogg High School, the weather is finally nice enough so Nikki and I walked outside and did our 40 minute loop around Kellogg.  It felt really good to walk outside again!
*When I arrived at Mom’s house, she was still in bed, so I woke her up, and got her going on her morning.  We have some concerns about Mom, so I talked to her cardiologist's nurse and got some good suggestions, and starting putting some other things in motion.  It always seems to be a balancing act, but I am very thankful that I have my two siblings, so none of us have to figure out all these things on our own.
*There were a few scholarships at KHS that no one had applied for, so I grabbed some seniors today and had them sit down  and apply.
*We continued our book discussion after school today.  One of the first stories in chapters we were reading for today’s discussion was about a man who had been abused by one of the priests that was quite prominently mentioned in the movie Spotlight that Paul and I watched on Friday.  I thought that was a interesting coincidence.  It just made it even more real the trauma those individuals experiences from the abuse they received as children.
*Mom and I cleaned out the refrigerator of all the leftovers, and enjoyed leftovers for dinner.  We had a wonderful conversation about the visit she had with two of her friends, Flo and Dorothy (Dorothy was my kindergarten teacher and Flo’s husband had been my principal at Sunnyside Elementary).  They brought lunch from Best Shots, and Mom really enjoyed their company.  Then Mom and talked about the visit I had with the nurse and some of my concerns about her health, and it was a really good talk.
*I came home finished up preparing for my last two weeks of doing the after school drama program.  This week the students will be cast into various skits that will be performed, and then we perform it next week.
*Paul’s drama kids are rehearsing the play The Miracle Worker.  In my journal today was a quote from Helen Keller that I just love....I believe that God is in me as the sun is in the color and fragrance of a flower...the Light in my darkness, and Voice in my silence.

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