Gathering Graces 4/26/2017

*The night was filled with fitful sleeping, weird dreams, headache and stiff muscles.  So I was very tired when the alarm went off.  Text sent to Nikki....sorry, no walking today...TOO TIRED!!
*Another day of getting data entered, forms filled out and catching up.  It is good to have days like this, because I was a bit behind.
*Some of the KHS leadership students fixed a potato bar for the staff today, so we gathered after school for some goodies. 
*During our meeting our principal shared some awesome news with us about Kellogg High School being designated a bronze school by U.S. News and World Report.  You can read the article here.  Shout out also to the school my sister-in-law Laurie Roberts teaches at, Timberline High School, for getting top honors in the state. and being ranked the #1 high school in Idaho.
*We made it through all the skits at the dress rehearsal for the program tomorrow.  And now....on with the show!!
*People on Facebook today were making lists of concerts they had seen, and then you put one on the list that you did not see.  Then people try and guess which concert you did not see.  My Facebook thread on this topic was very funny, with my daughter at Molly at one point thinking I had been married before...LOL!!! 
*The evening was spent relaxing and watching old NCIS episodes with my honey.

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