Gathering Graces 4/5/2017

*We woke up, got packed, and headed to Boise.  We stopped at the Flying M for coffee and breakfast, (the cappuccino and Blueberry Scone was so yummy!!!) then off to Boise State University.  Drake had an appointment at 9 a.m., so we dropped him off, and went and parked, and hung out in the SUB until it was time for our admission’s appointment.  We gathered in a small auditorium, and as the students introduced themselves and told where they were from, almost all of the 20 or so students in the audience except the four KHS students and the one student from Washington were from California.  And none of them were traveling together.
*After the admission’s presentation, Cole from Las Vegas took us on our tour, and did a really great job.  My highlight of the tour was to finally walk around in weather that was above 60 degrees.  I have not experienced that in quite some time.
*Rylee had been wanting to eat at Sizzler’s so that is where we ate after the tour before heading to the airport.  It was a perfect choice.  We all had steak, and everyone enjoyed their meal.
*After lunch we returned the Nissan Altima car we had rented for the trip.  It was wonderful, even though I was unfamiliar with not having a key.  But I only left the car running once without turning it off.  Thank goodness the students had my back, and helped me realize the car was still running!!
*Our plane was on time today, so I colored while waiting for the airplane to arrive.  A quick 45 minute flight from Boise to Spokane, and we were greeted by a very handsome chauffeur driver at the airport, waiting to drive us back to Kellogg.

Our handsome driver greeting us at the airport.

*I hugged each student as I said goodbye, and told them how awesome they were, and how much I enjoyed spending time with each of them over the last couple of days.  They were polite, engaged, enthusiastic, and appreciative.  They represented Kellogg High School very well.
*After dropping all the students off, Paul and I stopped and Yoke’s and picked up a pizza for dinner, and watched a really good “bad” movie called Joyful Noise.  There was quite a bit of star power in this movie (Queen Latifah, Dolly Parton, Kris Christopherson, Courtney Vance) for it being such a cheesy movie, but it was entertaining.

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