Gathering Graces 4/3/2017

Ethan, Sage, Rylee and Drake.

*As I sat here on the couch this morning, I heard a strange sound as a car was driving down the street.  I looked out the front window, and thought it was raining hard.  Then I look out the window into the backyard, and realized it was snowing.  We got about half an inch or so, but it was all gone by the end of the day.  I love snow, but it is time to say goodbye until at least November!!
*Through conversations with nurses, it was determined that some of Mom’s current health changes may be due to lack of oxygen, so she will now be on her oxygen 24 hours a day.
*I spent the day running errands and preparing for my trip to Boise to visit three college campuses with four KHS juniors.
*I got an email in the afternoon stating our flight was going to be delayed, but we kept the same departure time of heading to the airport. 
*When we got to the airport, the Gonzaga vs. North Carolina basketball game was on the TV screen, but there was no sound.  So I found a radio broadcast on my Kindle to listen to, and watched it that way until we boarded the plane.
*While on the plane, Southwest provided a way to pick up the game on your phone, so I experienced the heartbreaking loss watching the game on my cell phone while flying in the air between Spokane and Boise.
*Our flight was fine, and we picked up the rental car, and Drake, Ethan, Rylee and Sage and I drove to Kevin and Linda’s house to stay there Monday and Tuesday nights.  It was after 11 when we arrived, so we were ready for bed.

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