Gathering Graces 4/19/2017

Photo by Chanse Watson--Shoshone News Press
*Early morning at Mom’s this morning to make sure she is ready to go for her 7:30 a.m. doctor’s appointment.  She was ready and we were out the door by 7:15 a.m.
*Mom and I drove up to the clinic with Christy following in her car.  As we shared our concerns about Mom with Dr. McDonald, she became more convinced it was a urinary tract infection.  But Houston, we have a problem.  Mom could not pee in the cup.  So she goes back again tomorrow to try again. 
*I left Christy and Mom at the clinic to get back to KHS to prepare for the National Honor Society Induction Ceremony and  Teacher Awards Recognition Assembly.  It all went great, I had plenty of help from students setting up for the assembly, doing their parts at the assembly, and helping with the reception afterward.  We inducted 27 new members into NHS.  We now have 53 NHS members at KHS, which is pretty impressive for a high school of only 320 students!!
*After school I headed to Pinehurst Elementary to work with the drama program.  Today we continued sharing with the students what skits they would be doing, and handed them scripts to take home. 
*I went to Mom’s briefly to drop off a few things, and Christy said she had heard at the local grocery store that Kellogg would be without water beginning at 8 p.m. because of a break in the water line.  Sure enough, this was true.  There was a break in the main water line just east of Pinehurst that cause people in Smelterville to Osburn to possibly have no water for an indefinite amount of time.  A message went out around 6:30 pm that there would be no school in Kellogg on Thursday because there would be no water.
*By bedtime, we still had running water at the house.

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