Gathering Graces 4/11/2017

*With Bill here today, I let him do morning duty on Mom’s house so I could get to school early and be ready to proctor the SAT test to a classroom of junior students.  Our state pays for each junior to take the SAT, and April 11 is the day. Things didn’t go quite as planned.  Sometimes when Paul is the last person to drive the car at night, he puts the car keys in his coat pocket.  Then he wears his coat to work.  And when I go to get the keys, they are gone, in his coat pocket, on their way to KHS.  So I call him, and he figures a way to get them to me.  Yes, it would be nice if we got another set of car keys, but we probably won’t.
*So from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. I was in a classroom proctoring juniors taking the SAT test.  It is a rather grueling process to take these tests, but the students hung in there, and made it through the long morning.
*Some of today was spent going through the results of who will be chosen for membership for National Honor Society.  Four KHS faculty went through the applications, and we will tell the students tomorrow if they were chosen or not.
*It can be very exhausting proctoring a test.  I was beat by the end of the day.
*I came home and took a short rest, then went over to Mom’s for dinner.  Bill prepared a delicious pork meal, and Christy and Everett joined us, too. 
*Then back up to KHS for our Sixth Street Melodrama and Theater board meeting.  What a wonderful group of people we work with on the board.  We are getting new people to be on the board, and they are full of great suggestions.  I really like this group of people who help run our community theater.
*After the meeting, Paul and I came home and relaxed for a little bit before we headed to bed. 
*This is another quote from my journal: The wonder of living is held within the beauty of silence, the glory of sunlight, the sweet morning air, and the love that lies at the very root of all things.

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