Gathering Graces 4/20/2017

*As our wonderful water company workers continued working on the main line to restore water to our community, we continued to have some water until about 5 p.m.  Then it was gone.  So for us we weren’t too inconvenienced.  I know it was different for others.  But I am very impressed how quickly it was fixed.  Thank you Central Shoshone Water District for your tireless effort to get the job done.
*I went over to Mom’s to do the morning routine, then we headed back to the clinic.  Unfortunately, same results as the day before.  No success in Mom being able to give a urine sample.  So she will head back tomorrow.  I think part of the problem is she is not hydrating properly. 
*I got home about 11 a.m.  I was hungry, thirsty and very tired.  I had some breakfast and some coffee, and got caught up on my sleep.  That felt good.
*In the fall of 2015 I planted a forsythia bush.  To me, it is the one flowering bush that heralds to me the coming of spring.  I have checked it every day, and today, it was finally in full bloom.  I love the yellow, happy, cheery color of the forsythia.  My neighbor Jessica has a really big one in full bloom on the side of her house that I also get to enjoy.  Some day mine will be large, too. 
*I had a whole chicken in the fridge that I stuffed with lemons and garlic cloves, covered in olive oil, herbs, pepper and pink Himalayan salt, and roasted it in the over to take to Mom’s for dinner.  I grabbed some salad in Mom’s fridge, popped some potatoes in the microwave, and had ourselves a meal.  After dinner, we tried out Mom’s new Pulse Oxymeter to check her oxygen levels.  She had to heat up her hand for 5 minutes with her heating pad so it worked properly, but we had success.  And her oxygen level looked good.  All in all, Mom had a pretty good day today.
*My friend April M Lee’s birthday was today, and earlier this month she had said what she wanted for her birthday was to have all four of her spots for her women’s retreat in Italy.  Well, she didn’t get all four yet, but she has filled two spots, so only two left.  If you would like to come to Tuscany, Italy at the end of June and spend a week focused on pursuing your dreams, check out April’s retreat information here.  I’ll be there too, cooking for you all week!!  It is going to be an incredible time.
*After we left Mom’s house, Paul and I headed out to see the workers fixing the water line.  It was a cold, rainy day, and the line they were fixing was right next to the river, so I am sure conditions were not pleasant.  Again, so thankful for all of their hard work.
*I am heading to Moscow this weekend for Mom’s Weekend, and had some messages back and forth with Molly and Coco and our plans for the weekend.  It should be a great time!!

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