Gathering Graces 4/23/2017

*It was nice to sleep in this morning, then get up and have breakfast.  Jill made a delicious breakfast of huckleberry pancakes, eggs, bacon and hashbrowns.  Coco came and joined us.  Molly and Travis were going to come, but Molly wasn’t feeling well, so they were unable to make it.  So we took them a plate over later.
*I needed to pick up some photos at Walgreen’s, then had to go to Walmart as well.  Coco came along with me to do my errands.
*Then it was time to say goodbye to my Vandal girl.  It was such a wonderful weekend with Coco, Molly and Travis, and we all had much fun!
*I left Moscow toward Kellogg, but was still very sleepy.  I pulled over and parked in the Coeur d’Alene Casino parking lot to close my eyes for a little bit.  That seemed to help.  Then I stopped at Fighting Creek to fill up the gas tank, and got some tea to keep me going.  When I got home I was still really sleepy.  I made Mom dinner, and took it over, and enjoyed sharing with her about the weekend, and it was nice to see her doing better.  Then I came home, and was in bed by 7:30 p.m. 

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