Gathering Graces 4/10/2017

*It was bed changing day at Mom’s this morning.  I think I was a little groggy after a week of spring break, because when I first made the bed, I forgot to put the top sheet on.  So off went the blanket and quilt, and then I put the top sheet on, and then back went the blanket and quilt.  Bed making complete!!
*When I headed to work, I had made a list of about 20 things to do on a list the night before.  I hoped to whittle away at the list throughout the day. It was really tough being back to work after being on Spring Break, but survived.
*It snowed like crazy most of the morning.  I like snow, but enough is enough.  I am ready for sunshine, flowers and springtime weather.
*I spent the day preparing for a field trip I am taking on Thursday to Fairchild Air Force Base, talking to National Honor Society officers about our meeting on Wednesday, and other things on my list.
*After school we continued our book discussion on the book The Body Keeps Score: Brain, Mind and Body in the Healing of Trauma.  A lot of our discussions centers around wanting more early intervention with children, and to have that intervention continue on.  We believe this can help a lot of behavioral problems that happen later on with children who have experienced trauma in their lives.
*I went to Mom’s house for dinner.  Bill prepared a delicious macaroni and cheese dish, then two of his friends came and they went out to visit.  I stayed with Mom so she could soak her feet, then she wanted to shower.  I took a short nap on the couch while Mom soaked her feet. 
*I came home and worked on a Flat Stanley slide show that I will be sending to Jackson Maxwell’s second grade teacher at Pinehurst Elementary to tell of Flat Stanley’s adventures with us on our college visit trips to Boise last week.
*It was early to bed for me tonight.  Man, was I exhausted!!

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