Gathering Graces 4/8/2017

*The morning began saying goodbye to Molly as she drove to Coeur d’Alene to have her Orientation and interview for the PACE program she will be participating in the next two summers through Lewis Clark State College to received her degree in Education.
*I headed over to Mom’s house with Sadie to do our morning routine.  One thing I have noticed with Mom’s increase in using oxygen 24 hours a day is the color in her feet is improving.  It was looking very purplish/blue last week, but now her color is looking more normal.  That is a good sign!
*I returned home and started getting things ready to take to Cantata practice.  I found the black folder I used last year.  Now I needed to find the three hole punch so I could put the music in the folder.  I looked in the closet where it is often put.  I looked in my bedroom.  I looked on my desk.  I looked on the floor in my office. I looked by the computer printer.  I looked on the bookshelf in my office.  I kept praying, “Lord, help me find the three whole punch!!”  I went back to the bookshelf, moved a few things, and there was the three hole punch, on one of the shelves.  Then I punched my music, and put it in the folder, and was ready for practice, with a few minutes to spare!!
*I drove over to our church for practice.  The Community Easter Cantata, title The Tomb is Empty Now, under the direction of Joy Persoon,  will be performed at Mountain View Congrega at 2 p.m. and 7 p.m. on Sunday.  To say the church was a little chilly during rehearsal was an understatement.  And none of us who belonged to the church who were there had any idea how to turn the heat on.  I think I am going to learn how to turn the heat on at the church. 
*After returning home after a really good Cantata rehearsal, Molly returned, and said her day went well and talked about what her summer will be like being a part of this program.  She will be attending this program from the beginning of June to the beginning of August, five days a week, 8-5 p.m.  And she will do this again next summer as well.  But it will be worth it once she is finished and has her degree!
*Bill, Christy and I met over Best Shots to visit about Mom and each of our plans for the summer, and seeing how that will all work regarding caring for Mom.  We wrote some things down to get accomplished regarding caring for Mom, and enjoyed spending some time together, which we don’t get do to as often anymore, just the three of us.
*Molly, Travis and I went over to Mom’s to have dinner.  Bill had prepared about 10 tons of chicken noodle soup, salad and bread.  I brought over some brownies for dessert that I had made the day before.  Christy also joined us for dinner.  It was nice having us all together to enjoy a meal and visit.  Molly and Travis were able to have a nice visit with Mom as well.
*I received a text from Paul in the early evening, and he did not leave Jerome as early as he through, but eventually was on the road, driving through the night.  I hope he gets some sleep on the bus!!

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