Gathering Graces 4/27/2017

*What a beautiful morning to take a walk.  Even though there was fresh snow on the top of the mountains, the blue sky was peaking through!!
*It was Bring You Kid To Work Day and Kellogg High School had many kids hanging out with their parents today.  I had a craft station set up in my office where the kids could come and decorate white painter hats with fabric markers. 
*Also did some prep for the field trip to U of I tomorrow to take 19 students to the Engineering Expo on campus.  It is always a good day.
*Then I drove to Pinehurst Elementary to find the school buzzing with the students who were getting ready for the Drama presentation.  It went off great.  The students were awesome, and everyone did a great job, and had a good time. Those kids were an absolute JOY to work with, and I am going to miss them. I was also impressed with the turnout for the little presentation.  One of our seniors, Jocelyn Hosley, also had the students do some songs on bells and drums.  She had been working with students on some music projects throughout the year as part of her Senior Project at KHS. 
*Chicken potato chip casserole, baked yam and salad was on the menu for tonight.  Delicious!!

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