Gathering Graces 4/1/2017

My transformed hand during the film shoot today.
*Later in the morning I received a call from my sister Christy letting me know that Mom had fallen and that Everett was heading next door to lift her up.  She was good and used her button, which not only put a call in motion to Christy’s cell phone while she was at work, but also summoned the EMT’s.  After receiving Christy’s call, Paul and I jumped in the car and headed over to Mom’s house, following the firetruck down Cameron Avenue to her house.  Everett had successfully got her in her recliner and was leaving when we arrived.  Before we knew it, firemen, EMT’s and a Police Officer were on the scene checking Mom out to make sure all was okay.  I called Christy with an update, then called brother Bill in Maryland to give him an update.  I have had some concerns for a while since Mom switched a medication, and I shared those with my siblings.  Monday the plan is to call some of her medical professionals and report this incident and see if something can be done.  But once in her chair, and once her vitals were checked, she seemed okay.

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Seeing this photo today made my heart sing!!!
*I had not had a chance to drive Zoe’s new car, so she needed to deposit a check in her bank’s ATM, so I drove over to the bank with her to deposit the check.  Then we came back, and she got her items packed up, and drove off to Moscow to spend the night with her sisters (and brother-in-law). 
*Paul and I watched the Gonzaga vs. South Carolina game this afternoon, and were very excited with the outcome.  Zags win!!!
*As I started gathering my things to head to Wallace to do the first film shoot for the next installment of Across Bank Street: Portal to the Clockworld, I realized I may have left my billfold in Zoe’s car.  So I called her, knowing she had recently arrived in Moscow, to ask her if it was in her car.  Sure enough, it was there.  I had forgotten to grab it after our quick trip to the ATM machine.  Fortunately, we found out Travis and Molly were planning to travel to Post Falls on Sunday, and we can meet up with them there to retrieve the billfold, a much easier plan than having to drive all the way to Moscow. 
*Before I got to Nancy’s house for the filming, I needed to swing by the Sixth Street Melodrama building to pick something up.  As I walked in, it was apparent someone had foolishly broken a couple of beer bottles right in front of the building on the sidewalk.  So I took a few moments to sweep the bottle pieces off the sidewalk. 
*It was fun transforming into the Pemphredo character again, and spending about five hours getting in costume, getting make up applied, and getting an ugly sore applied to my hand as part of the transformation Pem goes through in this film.  (No spoiler alerts from me!!!) 

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