Gathering Graces 4/14/2017

*Each year beginning after the Maundy Thursday service, our church begins a prayer vigil where members sign up for hour long  times to pray through Easter morning.  I started off my morning praying from 5-6 a.m. as part of this vigil.  Paul had the 6-7 a.m. prayer time.  I love this tradition in our church.
*After going to Mom’s this morning, I went up to the clinic to get some blood work done for one of my medications.  I also got the information to set up my Patient Portal through the clinic, so I can view my medical information from the clinic online.
*Mom had given me a list of items she wanted at a few stores, so I stopped at Yokes first to buy some items.  I was asked by two different people why I wasn’t working, and explained to them that I don’t work on Fridays.  Four day work weeks are perfect for me.
*I needed to finish listening to The Handmaid’s Tale for book group, so I spend the morning listening to the rest of the book so I would be prepared for our discussion.
*I stuffed some celery and headed out to Kingston to attend book group at Sue Dahlberg’s house.  She made a delicious clam pasta dish.  Others brought deviled eggs, roasted asparagus, homemade rolls, green salad, and blueberry fool and coconut custard pie for dessert.  The discussion of the book was very interesting.  A couple of the women had read the book when it was first published in 1986, and they shared how different it was reading it 31 years later, with a whole lot more life experience behind them.  For many it was frightening, creepy, and a little too real.  I listened to the book, and Claire Danes did a phenomenal job of narrating the book.  Margaret Atwood is a very good writer, and she painted a futuristic world full of wonderful characters that will stick with me for a long time.
*I came home, and saw a message from a friend that one of my classmates from high school, Teresa Lytle Tester had passed away yesterday from a very long fought battle with cancer.  Last week, one of Teresa’s last wishes was to have some of her lifelong friends travel to Oregon to visit her.  So Durea Calkins Thrall, Sam Lewis Brown, Susan Hunter Stein, Melody Berreth and Kaylene Trogden all traveled to Oregon to spend one last day with her.  This trip these women took for their dear friend has really touched my heart, and makes me realize again and again how important the friends are we grew up with, and that I am so fortunate to have a close relationship with a group of women from the same graduating class of 1981, and we take the time, as these women also do, to gather together throughout the year to spend time together, and love and support one another in good times and in bad times.
*I had a couple chicken breasts thawing at home, so I threw them in the crockpot with some salsa, and other seasoning, and let them cook a couple of hours, chopped them up in the food processor, and made chicken tacos for Mom, Paul and I for dinner.  They were really good.  I love cooking with a crock pot!! 
*Bill and Christy both highly recommended watching the movie Spotlight, so Paul and I watched it tonight.  This was an incredible movie, a well done movie, a movie worthy of getting Best Picture in 2016.  Each actor was perfect for their role, and the story of this investigative journalism team going after this story in Boston about the abuse of children in the Catholic church was amazing.  I think I loved it too, because of my journalism background, and my longing for more teams of reporters like this having the ability to spend months and months investigating a story that potentially changes things worldwide.  If you haven’t watched this movie, and want to see a really well done movie, watch Spotlight.

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