Gathering Graces 4/15/2017

Nancy Hanks, on the couch, directing and filming Kay Reed, myself and Dr. Scott Reed last night.
*After seeing Mom in the morning, I headed out to Barneys in Pinehurst to finish up the grocery shopping.  Mom wanted to have ham for Easter dinner, and Barney’s had the best price.  One of the ladies in the meat department was very helpful explaining to me the difference between a butt and and a shank ham (it has to do with the size of the bone), so that helped me choose what ham to purchase.
*While at Barneys I ran into a parent of one of the seniors, and she asked me about some FAFSA questions, told me what options her son is looking at, and we set up an appointment for her to come in and talk next week.
*I have been reading the book of Joshua in the mornings, and it talks about the land each of the twelve tribes of Israel received in the Promised Land, and what those borders were.  I was curious so I looked up some Biblical maps online so see where the borders of the tribes were in relation to modern times.  Then it took me to looked at photographs of Jerusalem and Israel, and longing for the day when I get to visit.  That is one of the top things on my traveling list, to visit Israel.
*I had time to take a relaxing bubble bath this afternoon, and it felt so nice.  The Body Shop has this product called Honeymania Bubble Bath Melt that I use when I take a bath.  It smells wonderful, and is very relaxing.
*Paul and I drove to Wallace to meet a group of photographers from the North Idaho Photography Club who were in Wallace for the day taking pictures, and the Sixth Street Melodrama and Theater was one of their stops.  They were a very nice group of people, and we enjoyed showing off the beautiful theater.  And it was nice to hear how enthusiastic they were about coming back this summer to see a show.
*Then I headed over to Nancy Hank’s house for another film shoot of Across Bank Street: The Portal to the Clockworld Part Two. It was a fun evening, and went really well.
*I was home by 10 p.m.  I watched the rest of an NCIS episode I hadn’t finished earlier in the week, then I was ready to sleep.

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