Gathering Graces 4/21/2017

*Third times a charm.  Mom was able to give a urine sample this morning!!  And her clarity and general well being  has seemed to have improved since she has been hydrating herself better.  Yay!!!!
*The water was back on this morning, but we need to boil the water until they are able to test it on Monday.  So before I headed out of town, I filled three big pots of water and boiled them so Paul would have water this weekend.
*My friend Pam and I tried out the Radio Brewing Company, a new restaurant and brewery in uptown Kellogg.  I enjoyed my mushroom and feta soup and deep fried artichokes, and Pam like the chicken waffle croquettes.  We  enjoyed talking about a variety of things, especially caring for our elderly parents, and how to encourage daughters as they grow up and make their way through the stress of high school, college, and life in general.  It was an absolutely wonderful lunch and visit!!
*I went home and finished getting packed up to head to Moscow for Mom’s Weekend, then finally got on the road about 3 p.m.
*I listened to a book in the car, The Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane, which is my book group’s book choice this month.  It is very interesting, and it made the drive to Moscow go by quickly.  I stopped and picked up Cosette, we went by Jill and Vince Rinaldi’s to drop off my stuff, then we headed over to Molly Roberts-Cornwell and Travis Cornwell apartment for a delicious dinner of fried oysters, asparagus and fondue.  Yum! Yum!  After dinner, Cosette and I headed to the Hartung Theater to watch Wendy and Peter Into Neverland.  Coco’s roommate Gail played the part of Peter Pan, and some of her other friends were in the production as well.  It was a really well done show that was fun to watch.
*Coco and I stopped in at The Garden Lounge for a nightcap, then I dropped her off, and I headed to Jill’s house.  We had a wonderful visit before we headed to bed.

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