Gathering Graces 4/6/2017

*I drove Paul over to pick up the Kellogg School District van that he will be driving his Speech students in to Coeur d’Alene to get on the charter bus that will transport them, along with students from various other North Idaho schools to Jerome, Idaho for the State Speech Competition.
*A bit later I drove over to Mom’s house to jump into the morning routine.  Mom was just getting up when I arrived, but I got her bed made, started some laundry, but left breakfast to Bill, since Mom needs about a 30 minute window between taking her pills and having breakfast.  Mom seemed to be doing good, and I was glad she had a good night’s sleep.
*Today was a low-key day.  I needed a low-key day.  I started listening to Clair Danes read Margaret Atwood’s book The Handmaid’s Tale, and worked on some little projects including a deposit for the bank, tried a new brownie recipe, did some publicity for the theater, and set up ticketing for the new season for the theater as well.  It was an un-rushed, quiet, but yet productive day.
*Paul called during the evening, and it was nice to talk to him about his ride.  In Boise, he got off the bus and jumped in Zoe’s car, and rode with her to Jerome.  She took Friday off from work to come and be one of his judges for the competition, and spend some time with her dad.
*Before I knew it, it was after midnight and time for bed. 

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