Gathering Graces 4/7/2017

*It takes me about five minutes to drive to Mom’s house each morning.  This morning, on my drive over to Mom’s house around 7:45 a.m., I experienced rain, sunshine, saw a rainbow, hail and wind.  The crazy weather continued throughout the day, with wind and rain falling most of the time.
*My friend April M Lee is having a women’s retreat in Italy this summer at her home Villa
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Villa Magnolia
Magnolia in the Tuscany region of Italy.  I am helping her get the word out about her retreat.  If you would like to read up about it, the information is here.  If you might be interested, or know of a friend who might be interested in attending, please share April’s website and information, too.  She would like four participants, and has one booked already, so only three spaces are left.
*At the beginning of the year, I started reading through the Bible.  I read a passage from the Old Testament, either a Psalm or Proverb, and a passage from the New Testament.  I am currently reading in the book of Joshua.  The Israelites are getting ready to go into the Promised Land after wandering in the wilderness for 40 years.   The Psalms I am currently reading remind me of choruses we used to sing in church in high school and college.  And I am also reading the book of Acts.  Saul has just been blinded on the road to Damascus, and is being transformed into Paul.  I have read through the Bible a few times, and it is always interesting what information is important and sticks out at different times in our lives.  Right now I am struck by the miracles that are happening in Acts by the apostles.  And how faithful Joshua was in the wilderness to God and to Moses.  I learn something, or am struck by something I have read each morning.
*I continued listening the The Handmade’s Tale today. It is a very well written book that portrays a futuristic world that would be very bleak.   Are there any books out there that are interesting and well written that give a hopeful and positive future to our world?  If you have read such a book, and liked it, leave me the title in the comments below.
*Molly and Travis arrived early this evening, and brought along Clark, their new kitten.  Clark wasn’t quite sure of our three cats, or Sadie our dog, so he went downstairs for a while, then came up later and wasn’t quite so nervous.  We ordered Wah Hing for dinner, and enjoyed some General Tong Chicken, House Lo Mein, and Hot and Sour Soup.  It really hit the spot.
*I have started watching the first season of NCIS again, and it is interesting how all the characters I have grown to love over the years started out.

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