Gathering Graces 12/31/2017

*I can’t remember what year it was when I decided I needed to put something up after the Christmas decorations were taken down, because it was just too bare in the living room. As my snowman collection continued to grow, I started keeping them in the boxes for Christmas, and started bringing them out to keep up in January and February. Their smiling, cheery faces helped keep things cheery in our living room, and so I now do it every year. Then it gives me an excuse to keep up some of my Christmas lights as well to continue lighting the darkness of January and February.
*New Year’s Eve family dinner would be at our home tonight. Bill purchased a Prime Rib and I would be cooking it today. I got out my trusted Betty Crocker cookbook, and looked up how to cook the roast. I had it set out on the counter for a few hours. I unwrapped it and put it in the roasting pan, and rubbed Montreal Steak Seasoning all over it. I set the temperature for 325 degrees, and inserted the Pampered Chef Meat Thermometer into the center. I set the temperature on the thermometer for 150 degrees for a medium rare roast, put it in the over, and about 3 hours later, it was done. Our other menu items included Yorkshire Pudding, which I made, cooked in the roast drippings, Christy made her cheesy potato dish, and also brought a delicious Pistachio/Biscotti Gelato for dessert, and Debbie made a green bean dish. Bill make Dark and Stormy cocktails before dinner. And it couldn’t have been more delicious. I was hoping it would be medium rare, and it was!!

Our New Year's Eve Family Dinner

*After dinner, Debbie did a Google Hangout with her daughter Molly who lives in Maryland, and we got to say hello to Molly, Hiram, and Patrick. All the young kids were already in bed.
*Paul and I pondered attending the NYE festivities at the Kellogg Elks, but, once dinner was over, we decided we wanted to spend the evening together. Christy and Everett went home. Bill and Debbie went to the Elks. Paul and I watched Newsies on Netflix, and also started Star Trek Beyond on Amazon Prime. It was the perfect way to end 2017, and usher in 2018.

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