Gathering Graces 1/23/2018

*Last week the students I work with in the after school program created masks.  Today they put on their masks and shared with me the character they were when they put on their mask.  Some of these characters included a magical blue and orange fox, a human unicorn, a butterfly superhero, a marionette from a video game, a Mockingjay, and a Japanese female professional wrestler.  I love listening to the students talk about these characters, and marvel at their creativity and imagination.
*Today I met one on one with many of the seniors to see if they were on track with their plans for college.  It was exciting to visit with them, and to see how much they are on top of things, especially since this is only January!!
*I completed one dishcloth as I practice knitting and purling, and have started another with a little different pattern.  I am enjoying getting back into the rhythm of knitting, and seeing the results of my attempts.  Yes, there are some imperfections, but that is the way to learn.
*Paul and I have been having discussions about our future, and what it is going to look like, as my current job comes to an end in June, and I explore possibilities of what comes next.  We keep throwing out ideas, and discussing them, and it is fun imagining the possibilities in this next phase of our life, which could look a lot different than the current phase.  It is an exciting time.

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