Gathering Graces 1/8/2018

*There are certain things I realize I am picky about using in the kitchen.  For example, there are a few forks that really feel good that I like to use.  Another is what I drink my coffee out of in the morning.  I have my favorites.  And Molly gave me a new “Best Mom Ever” mug for Christmas, and it has a good feel to it, too.  I had another “Best Mom” cup that got broken over the summer, so it is nice to get another one!!
*Today was the first day of doing drama with students at the PASS after school program at Pinehurst Elementary.  I enjoyed working with the four students that were there today, and talking to them, and hearing their stories.  The numbers were low because Pinehurst Elementary had almost 150 students home sick today, and KHS had almost 50 students home sick.  I guess the flu is running rampant in the schools.  I pray that the kids start feeling better soon.
*Recently I cleaned my bedroom, and I love that my bedroom is clean, but now I am missing a bag of knitting supplies I had got out so I could start using them, but I don’t know what I did with the bag when I cleaned up the bedroom.  Before the clean up, it was at the foot of my bed on top of a bunch of boxes.  The boxes are gone from the bedroom, as is the bag of knitting supplies.  The boxes are out in the hallway outside my bedroom.  The knitting bag....who knows where it went.  I looked everywhere I thought it could be this evening, and I could not find it.  But I will not be deterred.  It has to show up eventually.
*I continued listening to Sherman Alexie’s book You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me. I love the way he writes this story, combining prose and poetry.  Some of the things he shares are really hard to hear.  For me, the hard part to listen to is not the mourning of his mother or his grief, it is the stories he shares of growing up, and being a Native American and the heart-wrenching tales he tells of his treatment because of his race.


Susan-Louise said...

Carol, I've read your blog from your first entry. I'm a former student of Bill's. Your writing has helped me weather very hard days, particularly the loss of my mom. I'm Native American - Alaskan Aleut - but you would never know it since I have light skin and blue eyes. I hear a lot of harsh things about natives because people think I'm just white. These hurtful things are real.

Carol Roberts said...

Susan, thank you such for your kind words. I am glad the things I have shared have helped you as you deal with the loss of your mom. Oh, and I know the comments about Native Americans. It is so sad. I have been doing research on the Coeur d'Alene Tribe for a book I have been working on...a historical fiction book about the Silver Valley. One of the main characters is a member of the Coeur d'Alene Tribe. Much of the history I read is heartbreaking. And I am sure it is the same with each tribe.