Gathering Graces 1/10/2018

*A fun evening was had by all as we gathered at Chris Schonewald Meyer’s beautiful home for a birthday celebration for Christy.  Chris prepared a delicious meal, and the company was good for sharing many funny stories and lots of laughs.  It was a wonderful way to spend an evening, and celebrating my sister’s birthday with Chris, Dawn Arnhold McLees, Teresa Hill Baillie, and Debbie Diedrich
*The flu continues to reek havoc on the students and staff in our school district, and our community.  So much so that all schools are closed Thursday and Friday and plan to reopen on Monday.  I think I was becoming a hypochondriac throughout the day, thinking I was developing flu symptoms, but, in all reality, I was just fine.  I think I may have been a bit dehydrated is all.
*Part of my morning was spent at the school district office doing some invoicing for my program, and having a wonderful conversation with with Nancy Larsen, who oversees my grant for the district, and the new business manager Angela Durick.  It was nice having those little moments of interaction with people when you don’t expect it, but you come away enjoying the talk so much.
*I wasn’t expecting to see our little blue truck we just had towed off on the road so soon.  As I was driving over to pick up Christy and Debbie and Dawn for the party tonight, I saw it drive past me, and pull into the Conoco Gas Station by Yokes.  That was kind of weird. But I am glad the truck has found a new home.
* Paul and I always look forward to being able to be home together and just hang out around the house when these unexpected days of no school happen.  We are suppose to get between six and 12 inches of snow tomorrow, so I look forward to being warm and cozy in our home, watching the snow fall.

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