Gathering Graces 1/1/2018

*Hello 2018. A new beginning. A new chapter. A time to start fresh.
*I woke up early this morning to feed Toby and get him his medicine, then fell back asleep on the couch, and slept for quite a while. I think I knew I wouldn’t be able to laze around like this for a while since I will be heading back to work tomorrow, so why not take advantage of it today?
*Paul and I had made plans to meet Cosette in Coeur d’Alene to watch the movie The Greatest Showman. We all three enjoyed it very much! In fact, without us all know it, the whole family saw the movie today in separate locations. Molly and Travis saw it in Moscow, and Jason and Zoe saw it in Boise.
*The moon was big and beautiful on the drive home. I tried to capture a photo, but was not very successful in capturing the beauty of the moon.
*When we arrived in Kellogg, we stopped at Bill and Debbie’s house to get a mattress and box springs they are getting rid of, to bring to our house.
*Paul and I didn’t finish Star Trek Beyond the night before, so we finished it this evening. We finished up the delicious Gooseberry Pie Zoe baked before she left. Paul’s cousin Anita had sent home some gooseberries with Paul and Zoe from Meridian, and we enjoyed the pie very much. Thanks Anita!!
*What will 2018 bring? Changes. I know there will be lots of changes for sure. A whole new year of possibility. I look forward to continue gathering graces for another year.

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