Gathering Graces 1/5/2018

*My sister Christy picked up Cosette around 9 a.m. this morning to take her to Coeur d’Alene, where a friend from Moscow would be picking her up later.  It was so nice having Coco here for the last couple of weeks, and it still seems unreal that she is starting her last semester of college next week, and will graduate in May.
*I love Fridays when I get to stay at home and work on little projects.  Today I cleaned the kitchen and also cleaned our bathroom.  It felt so good to get those projects completed.  I have so many things I want to work on and get done, that I have decided to set a goal of working on at least one a day, so I don’t feel so overwhelmed.
*While working on these projects, I started listening to my book club book for January.  It is memoir by Sherman Alexie called You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me: A Memoir.  Alexie writes about his relationship with his mother, and about her death.  There was one scene in the book when his mother was in a care facility, and Alexie was there with his sister, and his sister was trying to get her mother from the bed to her wheelchair.  It brought back vivid memories of being with Mom in her room at the nursing home, and the CNAs doing the same thing.  I am thankful for those memories.  I don’t want to forget those moments.  I am glad I can read or listen to something that evokes memories of Mom.  Yes, some are wonderful memories, and some are not so wonderful, but that is what memories are, and I am thankful for them all.  I look forward to continuing to listen to this book.
*Paul and I went to Andrews Gymnasium at Kellogg High School tonight to watch the Girls and Boys Varsity Basketball teams play Timberlake.  We hadn’t had a chance to attend a game yet this season, and I am so glad we went.
*Between the games, the boys from the 2017 3A State Golf Championship Team revealed the banner that had been hung in the gymnasium this past week.  All of the golf team members but one were also varsity boys basketball team players (the other one is a very successful varsity wrestler).  Congrats to them all!
*After the game, we stopped by Christy and Everett’s house to pick up some items Christy had purchased for me in Coeur d’Alene today, and eat some Chicken Pot Pie.  We had a great discussion about the book I am listening to, (Christy has already read it), about other books we had read, and I also enjoyed some cuddles from their cat William while a sat there.
*As much as I enjoy going and watching students play basketball in the gym, it is one of the places that I experience a bit of social anxiety.  I tell myself that it is weird to do feel this way.  I attended this high school.  I am from this community.  I have worked for this school district for 10 years.  My daughter played in this gym for four years. But it doesn’t matter.  Part of me still feels like the odd man out, someone who doesn’t belong.  Yes, it is a bit irrational, but it is all true. 

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