Gathering Graces 1/20/2018

*Tonight we had a wonderful time at dinner with our friends Stephanie and Andy Broaddus.  We had decided to meet up at Radio Brewing uptown, because Andy had not had the pleasure of eating there yet.  As we walked in, I saw Bill and Debbie up at the bar and went and greeted them.  Then Paul, Andy Stephanie and I had a wonderful meal and a good conversation.  These friends live in Oklahoma, but try to come to Kellogg every so often to stay in their condo and do some skiing, or biking, and enjoy their former town.  They are one of those couples that it doesn’t matter that we haven’t seen each other for a while.  When we sat down, it was as if time hadn’t passed between us, and we just enjoyed time with one another.  It was a really wonderful evening.
*I could not get motivated to get anything done in my office today.  There are things that need organized and gone through and thrown away, and filed and put away.  I went in at one point and got a few things done, but I just wasn’t feeling it today.  I guess it will be there waiting for me tomorrow.
*My knitting project, however, did get some attention.  I am knitting a little dishcloth to help me learn the stockinette stitch.  It is coming along pretty good, except at one point, I got the stitch opposite of what it was suppose to be, and knitted when I was suppose to purl, or visa versa, so the pattern changed.  Which is no big deal.  On a dishcloth, I will make it work.  This is why I am taking time to practice, so when I start working on a project that I really want to look good, I will have taken the time to work some of these things out, and get used to what things feel like and look like as I knit.
*Zoe called today, and we got her a new cell phone ordered.  Her current phone was ready for an upgrade, so she followed in her Aunt Christy and my footsteps and went with the Google Pixel.  I got it ordered online, and, when it was ready, she went and picked it up at a Verizon store in Meridian.  She was excited that it only took a few hours to get it all done.
*Paul purchased a new leash for Archie so he can take Archie for a run and have his hands free when he walks or runs.  Archie gives him quite the workout!!

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