Gathering Graces 1/6/2018

*My life is moving into a different tempo.  It is slower now.  I am transitioning from Allegro to more of an Andante lifestyle.  But it doesn’t come naturally to me.  Like any change, it takes time, and relearning is involved.  But, so far, I am enjoying the process.  And, like a piece of music, it takes practice.
*Last year when Christy and I started fixing dinner for Mom, and also started weekly family dinners, I started enjoying cooking again.  Well, I have always enjoyed cooking, but it was fun to cook and plan and prepare again.  And our family dinners now have continued that love of planning, and tomorrow we are hosting, and I am preparing Christy’s birthday dinner, and, after reading her requests, it was fun to look at recipes and decide how to prepare the requested items.
*And it is fun to take time cooking and baking and preparing food again.  I took some time today preparing her requested birthday cake.  I worked on it for a good portion of the day.  It was fun and satisfying.  Because I had the time.  I didn’t have to rush.  I could make adjustments that added more time to the process, but that was okay, because I had the time to make the changes.  I tried something totally new, and the joy was in the process.  Even if the cake tastes awful, it wasn’t a total waste, because I learned so much from the process.  (And for those of you who watch The Great British Baking Show, the whole time I was preparing the cake, I kept hearing May Berry making comments in my ear.  I sure hope this cake has a good sponge!!)

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