Gathering Graces 1/15/2018

*Tell someone they are fabulous!  I was told today I was fabulous, and it made my day.  My Gear Up director Jacque came up from Boise to visit some North Idaho schools, and she came to KHS and brought me a mocha, and we visited from 11 to 3 about my Gear Up Program, about life, about all kinds of things.  At one point in the conversation she talked about how much she enjoyed visiting and she told me I was fabulous.  I don’t get complimented like that too often, so it made my day. So if you have a chance....tell someone you are with today that they are fabulous!!  I am pretty sure it will make their day.
*After school I headed out to Pinehurst Elementary to work with some of the students doing some drama activities.  At one point in the conversation, we started talking about our middle names, and what our middle names were.  There are  two brothers in the group.  The older brother shared his middle name, and the younger brother shared his own middle name, which was Alden.  The older brother said, “do you know why his middle name is Alden.  It is because he is the youngest in our family, and after he was born, my parents said they were ‘All Done’!!”  Yes, I got a kick out of that story.
*When I arrived home, Paul had started dinner.  He had gone to the grocery store and bought some fish, some jalapeno poppers wrapped in bacon and stuffed with seafood, and we had a kale salad that was in the fridge.  It was really good, and a nice surprise!!
*A crackling fire in the fireplace, relaxing while continuing to watch Friends, and some frustration at trying to relearn how to knit was how I spent my evening.  I know the knitting skill will return.  I will just keep plugging away at it.
*Today we celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day.  We were one of the few school districts around that did have school today.  I know some of the KHS teachers did lessons on MLK today, a man who changed the course of our country’s story by the things he said and the things he did.  I love the song that James Taylor sings about MLK called Shed a Little Light.  I found a special version on You Tube:
on 7/29/15 in Columbia SC, James was joined onstage by Charleston choir Lowcountry Voices. Together, they sang “Shed a Little Light” in memory of the victims of the Charleston shooting and their families. The entire audience stood in support.
Oh let us turn our thoughts today to Martin Luther King....

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