Gathering Graces 1/17/2018

*Tonight it was fun hosting the January P.E.O. meeting at my house, with Christy as my co-hostess.  P.E.O. is a philanthropic educational organization whose mission is to promote educational opportunities for women.  Locally, our chapter raises money so we can provide two scholarships to two Kellogg High School seniors who will be attending college.  There are also other financial opportunities for women who are currently in college, or have taken a break and want to return to college.  It is a wonderful organization. Our meeting tonight was very productive with lots of good conversation.  Plus, it is always a treat to be with the other women in our local P.E.O. chapter.  Sunday is “Wear Your Pin Day”, which gives us an opportunity to share about this organization with other people.
*The program I coordinate at school, Gear Up, has a scholarship they give to seniors if they apply by March 1, submit their FAFSA by March 15, and if they will be attending an Idaho college or university.  The scholarship can be renewed up to four years, and is at least $1500 a year.  Any student who has been a part of Gear Up between 7th and 12th grade can apply for and use the scholarship.  Today I spent some time trying to message students who are not currently at KHS, but have been a part of Gear Up, so they have the opportunity to apply for the scholarship.  Hopefully I can get a few more to apply and take advantage of this scholarship money.
*I had a great conversation with a friend who leads a Bible study at her church, and it really sounds like something I would like to be a part of in the future.  I told her I didn’t want to add anything this spring, but if she was still doing it next fall, I would love to be a part of meeting with some other women and learning from the Bible, and talking to one another about our relationship with God. 

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