Gathering Graces 1/24/2018

*I really enjoy coffee, and my morning coffee of choice has been black, no cream, no milk, no sweetener of any kind.  But this fall I noticed the coffee was causing a small amount of heartburn in the morning.  So I have made a change.  I now add warmed, frothed milk to my coffee each morning, and it makes a world of difference.  I can still enjoy my coffee, but without the side effect of heart burn.  I am enjoying the change.  Sometimes it is just those little things in life that make a big difference.
*I am happy to report that Paul’s mom Patricia made it safely through her surgery today, and is expected to return home today.  It was so cute watching his dad Burton posting updates on Facebook about her throughout the day.  I especially enjoyed the one with the pink hearts in the background.  I love the fact that my father-in-law is on Facebook, and is quite savvy about the way he uses this particular form of social media.  Continue to keep Pat in your prayers as she recovers at home under the loving care of her family.
*I noticed my first sign up spring as I came in my front door today.  Some flower stems were shooting up through the ground. I believe they are crocuses.  Usually my front flower bed, because it is up against the front of the house, tends to be a bit warmer, and things happen earlier there than in other parts of the yard. 

The first sign of spring...crocuses bursting forth from the ground by our front door.

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