Gathering Graces 1/3/2018

*Paperwork, data entry and invoicing were some of the items I was able to get done at work today.  Also, it was so fun to have one of the seniors come in at lunch because she was SO EXCITED she was accepted to the University of Idaho, and just wanted to make sure she had done everything, and asking what are her next steps.
*I was once again sucked into the Friends vortex for the evening.  I got home from work, and Cosette asked if I wanted to watch Friends, so I easily relented.  I thought to myself, “Oh, I will only watch few episodes, and then I’ll start working on one of the many projects I need to get to around the house”.  Well.....the projects were never tended to this evening.  But I did watch quite a few episodes of the show.  I am now into Season Two.
*Our family received a wonderful box of Italian goodies from Paul’s brother Kevin and his wife Linda.  One of the items was a bag of Trofie pasta.  (I think I prepared a similar pasta when I was in Italy last summer.)  I cooked the pasta and added some pesto to it, and we had some bread, and it was really delicious!! 
*Over my break I was playing around on Snapchat and found where the Ed Sheeran Bitmoji would sing a part of his song Perfect my own Bitmoji.  I had posted the video on Facebook.  Yesterday I received a message from my friend Sherri asking if I had seen or heard the Perfect Symphony by Ed Sheeran and Andrea Bocelli.  I had not, but I did take some time to watch it on YouTube, and also watch the official Perfect video on YouTube.  Both are beautiful.  And I love the song Perfect.  The lyrics remind me of how Paul makes me feel every day.  That is a pretty wonderful thing, and I am so grateful I am loved this way.  If you want to watch these videos, you can see the Perfect video here, and the Perfect Symphony here

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