Things That Make Me Uncomfortable

There are certain situations that I have to endure that really make me uncomfortable.  Sometimes I think introverts think they are the only ones who feel uncomfortable and awkward in social situations.  But, no, we extroverts have our uncomfortable and awkward moments as well.  Here are some of mine.

1.  Senior Nights--This year I had a senior who was recognized three different times for "Senior Night".  One for Soccer, one for Basketball, and one for Band.  I love my daughter, and really am glad they encourage the student athletes, cheerleaders and band members in this way, but it is an uncomfortable time for me.  I don't like standing out in front of everyone.  In never know what to buy to present on Senior Night.  It was always rather uncomfortable.

2.  Graduation--Yes, graduation is a tough one.  I know, weird isn't it?  I work for the school.  I help kids with their future plans.  But the actual event itself is so uncomfortable for me.  Even if I have a student graduating.  I just never know what to do, when to approach kids, if they want me to approach them to congratulate them.  Ugh.....it is just a weird time for me.

3.  Same with 8th grade completion ceremony.  Now, talking at the ceremony itself is fine.  But afterward it is so strange.  I never know what to say to the students, who to congratulate, when to do it, do they really care?  All of these thoughts go through my mind.

4.  Chamber lunches.  It is always uncomfortable walking into a chamber luncheon.  Where do I sit.  Do I know someone to sit with?  Sometimes I get lucky and sit by someone easy to talk to.  Sometimes I don't, and depending on who I sit with, either I feel obligated to keep a conversation going, or I just sit and listen and feel uncomfortable.  Now, if I am presenting at the meeting, or performing, then I am in my comfort zone.  But the chit chatting during the meal....not so much.

5.  Social Gatherings.  I like parties, but it is always uncomfortable arriving and not know where to sit, or what to do.  Tonight Paul and I attended a birthday party.  I was so relieved when we quickly found a table with two places at it by a friend who it was easy to visit with.  And this was full of a room full of people I was very well acquainted with, such as co-workers, theater people, etc., but it can still be very uncomfortable and awkward at times.

Right now I am home.

I am comfortable.

I am safe.

I usually don't feel awkward in my own home.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you. I'm relieved to know that I am not the only one who never truly outgrew social anxiety. You always seem so poised and comfortable wherever you are.