Jazz Music

Yet another ending tonight.

It was Coco's last spring band concert.

It is the last time she will play in concert band.

It is the last time to hear the Jazz Band play in concert.

She does have a big band dance on Friday, so I do get to hear her one more time.

It was fun to have the concert start out with the Jazz Band sharing some great songs, and Coco doing a drum solo on "Sing, Sing, Sing".

I enjoy hearing the Jazz Band play Jazz Music, and am glad we get to enjoy it one more time Friday night.

I have always enjoyed Jazz Music.  I was in Vocal Jazz Choir in high school, and in college.  I love the close harmonies of songs "Manhattan Transfer" sings.  I love that Jazz is an American form of music.

There are certain times that listening to Diana Krall just hits the spot.

Or singing along to "The Boy From New York City", or "Operator" is what I need to do.

Last year Paul and I did some vocals at the Big Band Dance.  We may sing a few songs this year.  It is fun singing along with a band.

My dad loved Jazz Music.  Maybe that is where I get some of my love for this kind of music.  I really do love the music of my parent's generation.  Some of my dad's favorite songs included "Moon River", "Fly Me To The Moon", "I Left My Heart in San Francisco", "Star Dust", "Misty" and "Unforgettable". 

When I was in college at the University of Idaho, one year Ella Fitzgerald came and put on a concert during the Jazz Festival.  I took my friend Tina, and it was unbelievable seeing her in live on stage.

Dad's love of Jazz continues in our daughter Zoe, too.  She sings in a small Vocal Jazz ensemble at the College of Idaho and performs throughout the year.  I hope we get to make a trip to Caldwell next year to watch them perform.

I'm glad our family loves music, whether it is vocal or instrumental.  It was very rewarding at tonight's concert as Cosette earned another pin for her band letter, as well as one of four students who the band director Rick Dickinson gave the Haddock Service Award.  Cosette also shared with fellow senior Alex Galford the McKinley Inspirational Award, voted on by the band students, and given to the senior they believe was the most inspirational. 

 Senior band students presenting Mr. Dickinson with two ties and a photograph.  Cosette, Caroman Turner, Chris Cagle, Alex Galford, Curtis Briggs, Mr. Dickinson.
 Cosette and Mr. D.
Cosette and Alex, McKinley Inspirational Band Students

When it is your baby going through these endings, it seems very final.  With Cosette heading off to college, there is a shift in our life.  A season is coming to an end.  It is sad, but also exciting.  I remember leaving Sunnyside Elementary for the last time was very emotional.  Then I said goodbye to Kellogg Middle School, as a parent.  And now I say goodbye to Kellogg High School as a parent. 

Yes, all of a sudden I am hearing the strains of "Sunrise, Sunset, sunrise, sunset"..........

Wait, we are talking about Jazz Music, not Broadway show tunes........

And Coco ends the line of family members on both sides of our family who will attend Kellogg schools, unless one of our daughters end up living here in Kellogg.  After a long line of Woolum, Taylor and Roberts students have attended and graduated from Kellogg High School, Coco's graduation brings that all to an end.  And that is a little sad as well.

The song below is for you, Coco, sung by one of Papa Pert's favorite singers, Dinah Washington. 

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