Tonight while addressing graduation invitations, I wanted something to watch easily that I didn't need to really pay that much attention to while multi-tasking.

I decided to watch episodes from the early days of "Glee".  A song that focuses on singing.

It was fun going back to the beginning.  "Glee" got a little weird after a while, and I quit watching it.  But I did like it when it first began.

One of my favorite episodes was when Neil Patrick Harris starred, and Joss Whedon directed:

Another favorite, that I am watching right now, was the performance of "Bohemian Rhapsody" while Quinn was giving birth to her baby
The nice thing about the show "Glee" is that it made singing and performing fun.   

And some kids need that......they need to know that singing and performing is okay. 

It fulfills a need in many kids. 

And I have seen kids who have been transformed by music...by performing it, by experiencing it, by enjoying it. 

Music has a tendency to do that to us. 

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