I was being laughed at by two of my daughters this evening while we were watching "You've Got Mail", because I kept dozing off, and while I doze off, I snore.

My family has been cursed with snoring.

We probably got this "gift" from my dad, because I don't think Mom snores that much.

Sometimes I wake myself up snoring.  This happens especially if I fall asleep in a chair, while sitting up.

Because of my snoring, I now travel with ear plugs just as a precaution to give to people I may be in the same room with, who may not like my snoring too much.  And I may not like their snoring either.

So, now you know it.

I am a snorer!!

And I'm starting to doze off now, so I had better shut this down and get to bed.  Hopefully no snoring tonight.

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