It is time for another cat post.

This time, it is T.C.

T.C. is our second oldest cat.

She came to us in the summer of 2003.

She came as the result of another of our cats, Mikey, getting sick and having to be put down.

Mikey came to us in 2000.  When we first moved to Kellogg, we lived at Mom's house until our house sold in Meridian, so we could buy our first house we lived in up on McKinley Avenue in Kellogg.  While living at Mom's house, Mikey showed up at Mom's house and her neighbor Jane's house.  Jane started feeding the cat, and we said, if he was still around, we would take him to our new house.  Sure enough, he stuck around and became our cat.

In the summer of 2003, Mikey started getting sick, and I believe he had lung cancer.  Dr. Andy treated him, but it got to the point where we knew he wasn't getting better.  I remember distinctly what summer it was, because I had to miss my nephew Drew's wedding that summer because I stayed home with Mikey while he was sick.  Soon after my family returned home from the wedding, we made the decision to put Mikey down.  While I sat in the waiting room at the vet's office, there were two kittens waiting to be adopted.  I came home and told Paul he needed to go back and we needed to adopt those two kittens.

The two kittens were eventually named Milo and T.C.  They were not blood siblings, but had been raised together since arriving at the vet office.  So we took both of them.  The vet's daughter, Jamie, was pretty upset we took T.C.  She had named this kitten.  T.C. stood for Too Cute.  Jamie helped nurture and raise this kitten, and I don't think she was wanting to give it up.  (It took her a while to forgive us for adopting T.C.!!)

So Milo and T.C. joined our family.  So T.C. is now about 11 years old.  She is kind of the odd cat out in our house, being the only tabby cat (another thing T.C. could stand for....Tabby Cat).  The other three cats we have are all black.

In the fall of 2008, Milo ran away and never returned.  I am convinced cat's mourn, because for weeks, T.C. yowled every night after Milo left us, wondering where he was.  It was heartbreaking.

One year we had a bit of a scare with T.C.  One of the things she always liked to do was play with string or thread, and eat it.  One time, this proved to almost be fatal.  She ended up eating so much thread that it caused a blockage in her intestines, and she had to have surgery to have it removed.  Fortunately the surgery went well, and she quit the thread eating habit.

T.C. has a funny obsession with the water dish in our bathroom.  When we first moved into our current house, we kept the water dish on the floor of our bathroom, and she would always move it around, spilling water all over the bathroom floor.  After a few years of this, Paul finally got the bright idea of putting the water dish on the floor of the shower, so, if it was moved, the water would be on the floor of the shower, not the bathroom floor.  Now, when you go into the bathroom, often T.C. looks at you pleadingly, wanting the water bowl freshened.  And, if she is in the house, and you go in to use the bathroom, she wants to be in there, to show you that she wants the water dish refreshed. 

Another funny thing she would do it be up on our bed at night and lay at the bottom of the bed.  But, as soon as she would see me getting ready to lay down in the bed, she would jump off the bed, and go sleep somewhere else. 

T.C. is a sweet cat.  She is probably the least cuddly of our cats, but every so often, she wants some attention.  I'm glad that Jamie gave her up 11 years ago so T.C. could become part of our family. 

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