Today was a day of preparing things to eat for tomorrow.

Loaves of bread were baked, some by me, some by Mom.

Cupcakes were baked (with help of daughter Zoe.)

Fixings were purchased to make the Top Ramen Cabbage Salad to serve tomorrow.

Food brings people together.  It is fun to see what people serve at a party.

On our menu:

Fresh homemade bread.
Sliced ham and Sliced Turkey
Mustard and Mayonnaise.
Sliced cheese.
Salads, salads, salads, with the help of Mom, Christy and me.
Finger food.
Pickles and Pickled Vegetables.
Nuts and Bolts (Coco's favorite made by Grandma Mary).
Lemon Water to drink.

I look forward to sharing food with our guests and seeing all those who come to help celebrate Coco's graduation tomorrow afternoon.

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