This has been a week of flowers.

It started off last Saturday at Pike's Place Market when I bought a bouquet from the market to bring back home.

Yesterday, I received a beautiful flower arrangement from my "Secret Pal" at Kellogg High School, wishing me well on opening night.
Tonight, Zoe and Molly gave me a bouquet of Gerber Daisies.  I added them to the two arrangements of flowers that Coco received tonight at the play, and they made a beautiful bouquet.
I love receiving flowers.  They just cheer you up, and make you feel like someone is thinking about you.  It really makes my day. 
I love growing flowers in my garden.  They are lovely to look at, and also many have a wonderful scent.
Giving flowers is such an easy way to say, "Hey, I'm thinking of you," or, for me this week, "Good Luck on opening night, of "Great Job" on directing the musical.
Plus, my living room looks great now with these flowers brightening up the corners!!

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