Drinking Water

I am fortunate to have the ability to go and get good drinking water out of the door of our refrigerator.

My favorite way to drink the water is to put it in my special "Mom's Cup" with some cubed ice and lemon.

We take our water for granted, because most of the time it is there when we need it.  We go to the sink and run the tap.  We flush the toilet.  We take a bath or shower.  We turn on the hose outside.

This is when water is our friend.

But before you know it, water can also turn into our foe.

Today at our house, water became our enemy.

We were enjoying the first day of our three day Memorial Day weekend by relaxing.  We are both in our bedroom, and all of a sudden hear some water running.

"Honey, do you have water running anywhere?"  my husband asked.

"No," I replied.

He proceeded to investigate, and discovered our hot water heater had blown something off of it, and water was gushing from the tank, all over our basement floor.

Paul was able to turn the hot water heater off, and hook up a hose to drain the hot water heater into our Sewage Ejector Pump hole.

He then hooked up a hose to the water heater to drain the rest of the water out of the tank.

Then we needed to purchase a new hot water heater.  So Paul went over to Furniture Exchange and purchased a new hot water heater.  Within half an hour, the owner, Pat Elfsten, arrived at our house with the hot water heater, and a hand cart and helped Paul carry the heater down to our basement.  He also left the hand cart for him to use. 

"Just return in back to the store when you are done," said Pat.

In repeating Paul's words, "You have got to love this small town service."

So now, Paul is working on replacing the water heater.  His dilemma at the moment is figuring out how the old water heater was moved into the space where it goes.  This was a water heater that had been in our old house uptown, and we had replaced a water heater that was already here with the one that just broke.  So we had to have put this water heater back there. 

Paul is just not sure how.  But he will figure it out.

This has been a string of water mishaps in our home since the beginning of the year.  In March we had ground water seep up through a crack in the cement floor in our basement and flood our storage area. 

The Sewer Ejector Pump Switch quit working.  All of our toilets in the house are malfunctioning in one way or another.  Then the hot water heater breaks and begins gushing water once again in our storage area in the basement.

Ah, the joys of home ownership.  When it rains, it pours....especially when dealing with water!!

Well, Paul figured out the water heater dilemma.  We got the old water heater out of the house, and, as I write this, Paul is getting the new water heater back into place and hooking it up.

Maybe I will get a hot shower tonight!!

So, if you believe in prayer, please pray that there are not mishaps next weekend, as we celebrate Coco's graduation.  It does say in the Bible to pray for our enemies....okay, maybe Jesus wasn't exactly talking about faulty plumbing, but we could still use your prayers!!


Dennis Cannon said...

It’s true. Water is very beneficial to us, but it can be also be our worst enemy. And it’s disappointing that you have to experience the bad side of it. Thankfully, your husband was able to turn off the heater immediately. How is it? I hope Paul figured out the problem. But if not, calling a repairman might be a better solution.

Dennis Cannon @ Laird & Son

Carol Roberts said...

Dennis...all is good with the water heater (purchased a new one) and our water problems!