The busyness of my life ebbs and flows.

Most people look at my life and think the flow is much more prevalent than the ebb.

The flow is definitely prevalent this week.

The school year is winding down.  I have a senior who is involved in lots of things as the school year winds down.

Tonight Cosette, my senior, was awarded the Glenn Exum Outstanding Senior Award at the Scholarship Awards night at Kellogg High School.  We are so proud of her.  She also received some really great scholarships to help her pay for college.

Tomorrow night is Cosette's last band concert at KHS.

Wednesday I take a group of Gear Up students to Silverwood Theme Park for Physics Day.  When I return home, Paul, Coco and I will attend this years KHS Sports Banquet.

Thursday, I do have an ebb.  One day and night with a pretty light schedule.

Then on Friday I take about 90 8th graders to Eastern Washington University for a college visit.  Then that evening Paul and I will attend the KHS Big Band dance put on by the KHS Jazz Band.  Coco's last Jazz Band performance and concert.

The weekend will be spent getting the house and yard ready for family coming in for Coco's graduation.  But I plan on putting some relaxing time in the weekend as well.  I'll need some after this week.

I like the ebb and flow of my busy life, but I predict once I don't have any students in school, that the ebb will start becoming much more prevalent than the flow.

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