Family Togetherness

Another summer of family togetherness.

Every year I keep thinking it will be our last summer with everyone under the same roof. 

But it hasn't happened yet.  Yay!!

I cherish these times with everyone still living at home for part of the year.  With all three girls in college next fall, who knows what the future holds.

But for now, I am glad Zoe is home from Caldwell, finishing up her second year at The College of Idaho, that Coco is around this summer as she prepares to leave for Moscow and attend The University of Idaho, and Molly will be taking summer classes at North Idaho College, and continue through next school year, with plans to get her AA degree in about a year.

I am so proud of all of these girls.

I'm not sure what our summer plans are at the moment, but I do hope we get to do some family outings to take advantage of all being together for another summer.

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