Favorite Music

Tonight my favorite music was the Big Band sound of the Kellogg High School Jazz Band.

In the cafeteria tonight was the annual Big Band Dance.

This is the last time I will hear my daughter play the drums as a Kellogg High School band student.

Actually, besides the graduation ceremony, this is the last event we will do with Coco being a part as a KHS student.

It was bittersweet as the evening ended, watching the students play and realizing I will never hear this particular band ever again....because many of them are moving on.

Actually, all the seniors that are in Jazz Band are attending the University of Idaho.  (Lucky Them!!)

It was fun watching Paul and Coco dance together.

It was especially fun dancing the night away with the most handsome fellow in the room....my husband.

There was a really great crowd there, as well as some sitting on the side just observing and listening to the great music.

I'm going to miss being a KHS Band Parent.  Now I move on to being a U of I Marching Band Parent. 

That will be fun to......

but not at all the same.

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