Gathering Graces 2/9/2018

*What a fun day of being out and about, visiting people, and having a great time.
*The morning started off at The Bean having coffee with Christy and enjoying catching up on the things of the world.  I now have my “usual” at The Bean...the London Fog.  And I want to thank whatever Facebook friend of mine went in and ordered one after I posted about it last week.  I hope you enjoyed your London Fog as much as I do.  It was also fun visiting with April Muhs (also known as April #3 in my life), who talked to us about participating in the Radio Brewery trivia night on Wednesdays, and how their team needs someone who knows about Pop Culture.
*After coffee I stopped at Yokes for a few things, and headed home to make a bowl of Coleslaw to take to my book group today.  I had a lovely surprise when my friend Kellee stopped by the house with her friends Lea and Diane, and I got to meet them and visit for a few minutes.  They were so fun, and it almost made me want to jump in the car with them and join them for their annual girl’s weekend in Montana.
*The Huckleberry Book Club all gathered in Pinehurst to discuss Before We Were Yours by Lisa Wingate.  We all agreed it was a fascinating, yet somewhat horrific story of children being taken from their parents in Tennessee and sold to wealth families.  Nancy prepared a delicious crab casserole, and we also had sweet potato salad, coleslaw, muffins, French bread, raspberry cobbler and lemon bars. 
*I got home and rested for a bit.  Christy said if she tackled her basement her reward would be dinner out tonight, and she invited Paul, Bill and I to join her and Everett at The Hilltop for dinner.
*Before dinner, Paul and I stopped over at the Fairbridge Inn to watch our friend and former student  Brandon Church in action as he trained a former student, Jenna Garland, to be a front desk worker.  Brandon got a new job as a dispatcher for Mineral County in Montana, and will be moving to Superior next week.  It was fun watching them both work, and visiting with them briefly before we headed to dinner.

*We left the hotel and swung by and picked up Christy and Everett.  Bill chose to drive himself.  We headed out to Kingston, and out to the newly renovated Hilltop Inn.  Paul and I have only been to The Hilltop once, about six or seven years ago for a graduation party.  The Hilltop now has new owners and they have renovated the inside, so I was glad this is where Christy chose to eat, because I have been wanting to try it.  It was fun sitting in the corner booth, and being a part of a bustling business.  Two or three people kept checking on us, making sure we were getting our drinks, getting our orders in, etc.  Paul, Christy, Everett and I all ordered and enjoyed grilled oysters.  Bill had an appetizer of popcorn shrimp and sidewinder fries. 

*Somehow we got taking about jobs, and how Paul had worked for Kellogg Transfer a couple of summers in college, and then at the Lucky Friday mine.  That led to Bill talking about working in the Cell Room at the Bunker Hill, and how Dad also worked in the Cell Room, then became a Maintenance Mechanic for the Zinc Plant, then was promoted to a supervisor position in the Mechanics Department.  After a few years, Dad realized he really hated being a supervisor, and quit that position, and worked for the “Bull Gang”.  His last couple of years at the Bunker Hill was working in the Warehouse.  We also had a fun visit with Craig Lewis.  He is a classmate of Pauls, and he and Paul visited about playing footbal together, the Kellogg sewer project, our tagged vehicles in front of our house that needed to be moved, and how retirement is coming soon.  Paul said once they both retire, they should go do some fishing together.
*When we arrived home, Paul started a fire, and I finished knitting the dishcloth I had been working on, and I listened to another podcast Bill had recommended called A Way With Words, about language and linguistics.  Clark enjoyed stretching out on Paul’s legs and the warmth of the fire.

*What a full and wonderful day I had being out and about in the Silver Valley.

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