Gathering Graces 2/16/2018

*As Paul and I participated in the Professional Development Day for the Kellogg School District, the snow continued to fall all day long.  When he arrived home, he could take the snow blower Christy and Everett gave us out on a maiden voyage.  Boy does it work great.
*For lunch today, 16 different people made soup and we had a soup competition at lunch.  If you liked one of the soups, you were given “soup bucks” to put in an envelope at the table.  Soup makers with the most bucks received prizes.  Well, my rendition of Grandma Naydeen Taylor’s Cheese Soup won fourth prize, and $25!  I was so excited.
*After lunch I was in charge of two sessions.  I talked about students who have had trauma in their life learn differently and behave differently, because their brain actually changes.  We watched a movie, Resilience: The Biology of Stress and the Science of Hope, that addresses this very issue.  Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) are a way  to indicate what trauma people have experienced in their lives.  Despite the fact that is was a snowy Friday afternoon at 3 p.m., my second session had a really great discussion about how we could implement some of the strategies addressed in the movie in our own school district.  And both session participants agreed that the majority of the students we work with in the Kellogg School District have experience many different types of trauma, and they are now the majority.  And there needs to be a shift on how we are dealing with these students.  It was a very exciting afternoon.  I am fortunate to work with some really wonderful educators in this school district, who really care and want what is best for the kids.
*After Paul took  care of the snow on the sidewalks and driveway, we had some dinner and watched a couple episodes of The Crown.  I was particularly intrigued with the episode when John and Jackie Kennedy visited Buckingham Palace. 

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