Gathering Graces 2/15/2018

*Happy Thursday!!  And Happy Birthday to my son-in-law Travis!!
*It was nice to talk to Zoe on the phone this evening.  She had a few questions to ask me.  As we talked on the phone, she was making Travis a birthday cake.  All three girls are gathering together, along with Travis, Jason and Jimmy, for this long weekend to spend it together.  I don’t know why, but it just thrills me that they want to spend a weekend together.  I can’t wait to hear about all their adventures!  Part of the time will be in Meridian, seeing and visiting family and friends, and part will be in a cabin in Donnelly, Idaho.
*I spent some time this evening preparing for my presentation at our school district’s Professional Development Day.  I will be showing a movie titled Resilience: The Biology of Stress and the Science of Hope.  I have two different sessions in the afternoon.  I am looking foward to sharing this information with other educators in our district. 
*We are also having a Soup Contest at lunch, which I will be a competitor.  I decided a few weeks ago I wanted to make a cheese soup recipe I had received from Paul’s Grandma Naydeen Taylor years ago.  But I couldn’t remember where to locate the recipe.  I looked it up on Pinterest, and found a similar one, but it wasn’t quite right.  I looked through a file of recipes on my cookbook bookshelf, but it wasn’t in that file.  I remembered I had a box in the basement with recipes in it, and, after only taking a few recipes out of the box I found Grandma Naydeen’s recipe. If I remember correctly, back in 1989, she gave each of us a soup recipe at Christmas that year. Some got the Cheese Soup recipe, and some received a Taco Soup recipe.  So Cheese Soup is what I am making for my soup competition entry. 
*I knitted a coaster tonight using a different pattern.  This one has stripes.  I am enjoying learning how to create new patterns.  I look forward to sharing all my projects I have completed with Debbie Diedrich when she returns home this weekend.  And I have some questions to ask her about some other aspects of knitting that I have been struggling with as I try new yarns.

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